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Why do decision makers decide to contact us?

We think it's because of our knowledge and experience. We feel we understand retirement and employee benefit plans better than any firm in the Northwest, and our client relationships reveal our ability and awareness.

Today, businesses are going all out to attract quality employees. If it's not the highest priority, it's a close second. In this hotly competitive market, a first-rate retirement plan and benefit package can make all the difference.

Retirement trusts and benefit plans also carry tax consequences, so business owners and key employees have to understand their personal tax situation. Congress and the current Administration have recognized this need by dramatically expanding levels of participation and introducing new tax-advantaged benefit plans such as Health Savings Accounts and 125 plans.

If you are a decision maker for a retirement trust or employee benefit plan we would like to chat with you. Why? Because we have the knowledge and experience to assist you with these critical decisions.

Ask us to advise you - we can help you find a path for your organization to take designed to maximize your opportunities and minimize your expenses.

To contact us at Advanced Corporate Planning Click here. Mention this letter and your first hour of consultation is on us!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

My very best regards,

Lynn R. Siewert
Branch Manager
Pension Consultant
Advanced Corporate Planning

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